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Welcome to This page will tell you a little more about us.
For the mean time, how about some info on our web site?

Did we have problems with our web page before? We admit it. Our web page wasn't near as reliable as it should have been. It's amazing to us that we managed that way for more than two years. That's all behind us now.
Do you like our web host provider? We do. We love them so much that we would love you to check them out! They are fast, very affordable and have excellent service with lots of control over the interface. And to top it off, they have a phenominal referral service that helps you pay your web hosting bills too! See the plan details for yourself. You can even refer us to help pay for our bills! If you click on the link above and purchase a plan, we will obtain a credit for future hosting bills!
We would never impose any advertising on the visitors to our site. No pop-ups, no banners, no image ads. The only services we would ever recommend to anyone else, are the services that we use & subscribe to ourselves.